The objectives of the course evaluation [Course Feedback Questionnaire (CFQ)] are:
  1. to provide teaching staff with student feedback on the teaching and learning effectiveness of the subject discipline so that improvement on teaching and learning quality can be made; and

  2. to serve as an indicative assessment of the teaching effectiveness of individual teaching staff.



At Hong Kong Baptist University, course evaluation exercises have been conducted since 1979 and the following set of policy has been adopted:
  1. All teaching staff members, full-time or part-time, whether substantiated or otherwise, are required to participate in the course evaluation exercises conducted by the University for every course (except Honours Projects, workshops, seminars, tutorials*, laboratory and skill courses (except P.E. skill courses)).

    (*Upon the request of the School of Business, course evaluation is conducted for tutorials/lectures taught by Teaching Assistants, Instructors and RPg students.)

  2. The course evaluation exercise is conducted during the last 2-3 weeks of classes for a period of two weeks.

  3. The course evaluation results are released on-line after receipt of all course grades by the Academic Registry and Graduate School. Part I of the results are disseminated to individual teaching staff concerned, Heads of Departments/Programmes and Deans for follow-up action, the Personnel Office for re-appointment/promotion consideration and the Quality Assurance Committee for monitoring purpose. Student data as collected in Part II of the CFQ are to be returned to the respective teachers. Aggregated Part II data for all courses offered by an entire Department are to be presented to the respective Heads and Deans for monitoring purpose.

  4. For monitoring the quality of General Education (GE) courses, the summary course evaluation results of GE courses are also released to the GE Director. To uphold the principle of anonymity, only summary statistics are provided while the course codes and instructor names are masked.

    (There may be some outstanding grades at the time when the course evaluation results are released. The staff involved and other staff in the department will not be able to view the results until the outstanding grades are submitted to the Academic Registry/Graduate School. To allow the Head and Dean to monitor the teaching performance, they are, however, provided with access to the course evaluation results of these courses with outstanding grades (except for the course(s) which are taught by the Head and Dean).

  5. Teaching staff may provide additional information on student comments/responses secured in the course evaluation exercise at the Staff Input Column within two weeks after the release of course evaluation results, and their input would be filed as part of the formal record. There are two staff input columns: one to University/Head/Dean and another to Students. Staff input would be made available to the Deans and Heads of Departments/Programmes together with the course evaluation results. The staff input to students will be sent to all students enrolled in the course via e-mail after the staff input period.

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